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A rockin' retirement requires more than a bucket list and it's not a given. It's an intention. A rich life is a goal well worth meeting but it takes planning that goes beyond (and includes) your net worth statement.
You've been busy - advancing your career, paying bills, raising kids and saving for retirement. Over 50% of your waking hours spent grooming for, travelling to, or toiling away at work.

Let's fast forward to your first day of retirement. There is nowhere to be; no need to get out of your bathrobe or into your car. That may be nirvana or your worst nightmare, but even nirvana wears thin as a steady diet. A plan for this life phase involves creating a balance between playing, learning, connecting and contributing with an eye on sustaining your finances. Are you ready?

retirementstill rocks! is packed with useful information on Lifestyle, Relationship and Finances, including a close look at "how much is enough?" Canadian specific content on pensions, CPP, OAS, TFSAs, income-splitting, taxation and estate planning is updated annually.

"Retirement" means - it's your life now! Live a retirement life that ROCKS!

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