Invest in Retirement Cornerstones - Lifestyle | Relationship | Finances

Your lifestyle is created through the choices you make. Aligning your choices with who you are, with your values, leads to a life that rocks!

         Lifestyle Checklist  

 > find meaning and purpose
 > retirement is a life transition
 > first priority is good health!
 > work or volunteer
 > engage in fulfilling activities
 > experience travel
 > home sweet home

Money matters, but in rankings by those enjoying retirement, it  follows health, relationship, and meaningful activity.

       Finances Checklist  

> define "enough" 
> build your net worth
> manage your spending
> pensions and benefits
> saving and investing
> efficient tax strategies
> estate planning and insurance

Your connection with others is as important to the well-being of your mind and spirit as nourishment is to your body.

         Relationship Checklist  
 > thrive on your own
> grow your life partnership
> strengthen your friendships
> be a great parent... and child!
> accept generation differences

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