Mike K., HR Manager Benefits (LinkedIn recommendation)
        hired Heather for pre-retirement education,
        and hired Heather more than once

        Top qualities:
Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

    We began partnering with Heather and Dennis of Retirement Rocks!

    to help meet the needs of employees approaching retirement age. 

    On a professional level, the sessions were well attended and feedback from employees has been unanimously positive.

    Heather speaks from experience and has the ability to get individuals thinking about the important aspects of future

    retirement. Her stories, knowledge and humour keep the audience engaged, laughing and participating throughout

    the sessions. 

    As an author, she imparted these same qualities into her Retirement Rocks! book (great for providing to attendees

    at our sessions).  On a personal level, I have found Heather to be a gifted individual who is genuinely caring.

    Her integrity, professionalism, humour and customer service are exceptional. 

    Anyone considering a partnership with Heather or her company will not be dissapointed. You will receive tremendous

    value, knowledge and entertainment from Heather and Retirement Rocks!



    Dr. Carolyn Anderson, Founder of Impowerage (LinkedIn recommendation)

    hired Heather as a Financial Advisor, and hired Heather more than once

    Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

    Heather has been writing financial columns for Impowerage, an online magazine for active older adults.

    Her columns are well-written with great advice on retirement. 

    Her financial advice is easy to understand and very comprehensive. She is able to help people think clearly about

    their retirement and how to make the most out of their retirement years. She doesn't just focus on the financial

    aspect but the emotional and psychological side of retirement as well. 

    We also had the pleasure of having Heather speak at our Retirement Bootcamp. She's an engaging speaker who

    captivated the audience and delivered a great message on living a rich life, even if you are not rich in a financial sense.



    Glenn C., Director Financial Studies (LinkedIn recommendation)

    hired Heather for a pre-retirement workshop

    Top qualities: Great results, Personable, Creative


    Heather is one half of the Retirement Rocks team. I consider Heather an "edutainer" where she is able to

    combine education with entertainment. I would strongly recommend hiring Heather as a retirement coach.
    Heather combines her 20+ years of financial expertise with a unique approach which forces you to think about

    what you want to do in retirement and with whom before you figure out how much you need to retire.

    Heather walks the talk as she has personally been retired for several years. I consider myself a "retirement wannabee"

    and Heather is one of my role models.

    Art J., Investment Advisor (LinkedIn recommendation)

    hired Heather

    Top qualities: Great results, Expert, High Integrity
  Retirement is a difficult concept. Most advice about retirement, my own included, is dispensed from people who

    are not retired. The acute irony of this situation was not lost on me. Unfortunately the difficulty I had was finding

    someone who was a true expert on retirement to help me with my lack of knowledge.

    Heather is one of Canada's foremost experts in this area and her advice should be sought out by any and all

    professionals who are dealing with issues their clients will face in retirement. Heather's expertise covers a range

    of topics similar to the range of outcomes clients will face as they retire. Her constant curiosity and passion for

people has taken away the uncertainty my clients face with the question "What is retirement?"

    Heather comes with my highest recommendation and her seminar would be a welcome addition to any company

    or professionals looking to demystify the retirement issues we all are facing. She is truly an expert's expert.


    Troy M., Human Resources Manager (LinkedIn recommendation)

    hired Retirement Rocks!

    Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

    "Retirement Rocks is a dynamic presentation experience that surpassed our expectations with the quality

    and breadth of information delivered. With my organization we had been presenting the plan details and the

    options found within the plan, in the same way repeatedly for a number of years. Recently our plan participants

    had been displaying a under-whelmed expectation for the content of our internal information sessions.

    We engaged Retirement Rocks initially as an alternative to repeating the same message again.

    Retirement, financial decisions, and the road to success can be a bit daunting on your own. After attending a

    Retirement Rocks session, even the novice can begin to make an easy to understand road map to their

    retirement goal."


Seminar Attendees...

"Combined lots of life experience and research to make an entertaining presentation."   ... John D.

"Heather is very knowledgeable and personable and addressed topics that usually aren't
 presented in retirement seminars.
"   ... Brenda H.

"Excellent course. A necessary piece of the retirement puzzle."   ... Jason R.

"Great presentation. Loved the exercises.    ... Liz M.

"The session will assist in choices and decisions, all areas rated as useful and presenters as excellent."   ... Suzanne O.

"Heather provided a very practical overview. Gave me lots to think about. I had expected to come to a financial seminar. This was so much better. Very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend to anyone."   ... Rachel P.

"I found the lifestyle planning around endings and beginnings a very unexpected revelation. The seminar was not what I had expected but managed to exceed my expectations. My high marks are sincere."   ... Calvin P.

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